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Sourdough for the Home Baker

Simple, fun and delicious sourdough baking for the beginner and intermediate foodies conscious about their footprint.

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Sauerkraut Making

Sauerkraut, a delicious probiotic-rich ferment of cabbage and vegetables, is simple, cheap and delicious to make at home. Learn how!

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Kombucha Brewing

Love Kombucha and often wondered how to make it yourself?  Home brewed Booch saves you money, tastes amazing and is loaded with probiotics!

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Compost + Worm Farms

Come along to debunk common composting myths, reduce your household waste, and learn how to set up your own compost or worm farm!

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Zero Waste with Towards Zero Waste Geelong

Zero Waste workshops, including beginner to advanced, DIY, activism and more with Meg Odgers.

For more info, click below to be taken to Towards Zero Waste Geelong's website.

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Feedback From Past Workshops...


"Katie was so genuine and the session flowed so well. Left feeling very inspired by her approach to health, thanks Katie!"


"People forget that eating represents their most profound engagement with the natural world.."

- Michael Pollan