Kombucha SCOBY (live starter culture)

Kombucha SCOBY (live starter culture)

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One kombucha SCOBY suspended in approx. 200ml starter brew. Sold in small reusable plastic zip-lock bag.


    Culture and starter brew sufficient to make up to 1.5L kombucha in first batch. We recommend using as per instructions in eBook - Kombucha and Beyond (purchase separately). Comes in reusable foodsafe plastic zip-lock bags inside paper envelope. All efforts to minimise waste are considered when packing while maintaining an effective seal. Option to select 'pickup' to collect from seller if local (Torquay).

    Please note this product is only to be used to culture a brew, not to be consumed in the state it arrives. We recommend reusing packaging where possible.


    We do not accept returns or refunds. If your package arrives damaged or not at all, we will happily send you a new SCOBY free of charge (if damaged, photo evidence must be provided).


    Local Jan Juc pick up only*.

    *Australia Post has strict guides on legal shipping of liquids that involve excessive packaging and waste, so the seller does not offer shipping of this product.