• Katie Traill

Scrap Fire Cider

Until I learned that you could make Fire Cider from scraps, I spent a fair amount of money on batches. Turmeric, garlic, ginger and horseradish are not cheap! But now I learned this from Erin Rhoads in her book Waste Not, I’ve adjusted my recipe accordingly and it’s so much easier and cheaper, not to mention less wasteful!

This is touted as a cure-all and even a “flu shot” in some communities – I’m certainly not claiming these benefits, but I will say what’s not to love about a bundle of healthy ingredients packaged up together in a strong, spicy tonic? It’s really tasty and versatile in the kitchen at the very least. Start this off with a few scraps in your apple cider vinegar (ACV), and add to it over time until you have a potent brew. Strain, compost scraps, then begin a new batch again for an endless supply.

You’ll need:

- Three cups of scraps (clean offcuts) of any of the following: - Ginger, turmeric, onion, spring onion ends, citrus rind, chilli, lemongrass, rosemary,

- Whatever you don’t have in scraps, add in fresh. Organic is best.

- Half a thumb of grated horseradish

- 1L live ACV

- A large glass jar, tap optional, at least 1.5L

Start by adding all ingredients to your jar and covering with a lid or cloth. Ratios are not too important, aside from horseradish and chilli. Remember, you can start small with scraps and add to it as you produce more, the ACV preserves things for quite some time. After about a month taste your brew. If it needs more heat, add more chilli or horseradish. If it needs more citrus, add more lemon zest. If it needs more herbs, add more rosemary or dried oregano. You may get creative with wild herbs or berries if you like. Choose your own adventure!

To consume, either add to dishes in place of lemon juice, use as a salad dressing, mix into sauces, use as a tofu or fish marinade, add to avo on toast, or shot each morning with an optional teaspoon of local raw honey.

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- Katie