• Katie Traill

Plastic-Free Potato Chips

I am a total sucker for potato chips (crisps) and have been known to regularly down a whole bag of veggie chips in my afternoon breaks... Needless to say when plastic-free July came around, I was distraught to find no plastic-free alternative available to me locally. So I made my own and, being the start of potato harvest, this was pretty easy. What I found was that, like many things, the fresher the better. Straight out of the oven these were super good – crispy and crunchy. The next day, despite storing them in Tupperware lined with paper towel to absorb moisture, they became a bit chewy having reabsorbed water. I will definitely make them again, but ensure every chip was cooked right down to a true crisp (without burning them) for that optimal crunch. I don't have a dehydrator, but you could use one to really finish these off for a super good crunch!

The steps I followed are below:

1) Start with about 500g of good quality, locally grown potatoes. Wash but don’t peel them. Slice as finely as you can with a good sharp knife of, if you have one, a vegetable slicer set to fine.

2) Put the slices in a large bowl, slosh in enough olive oil to cover each lightly, add salt and any other seasoning of choice.

3) Lay out on a couple of oven trays with no overlap between slices so they crisp up nicely. Bake in a fan-forced oven at 160deg Celsius for at least 45mins – checking after about 35 and every 10mins afterwards to ensure chips are cooking evenly. You might need to take a few out that cook faster so they don’t end up burnt when the thicker chips are done. Once all slices are golden brown and crisp, take them out and cool them on trays.

4) Store in containers lined with paper towel/newspaper and consume within 1-3 days (or minutes!). Compost your paper afterwards. YUM.

Hint: You can also do this with beetroot - the salty/sweet combo is awesome.

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- Katie

Happy #plasticfree baking!