• Katie Traill

Honey Fermented Garlic: As Simple as Health Gets

New to fermentation? Nervous about getting it wrong? Never fear - the easiest, most foolproof recipe is here! And I genuinely mean it - you can't get this wrong and, as long as your'e a garlic lover like I am, you'll LOVE this ferment.

Fermenting with raw honey is a very old technique and can be used with many different things. With garlic, it's used to create a very strong, flavourful product that is said to be very good for immune support and gut health. This is a slow ferment requiring patience and a little attention in the early days. The contents will start off light (whatever the colour of your honey) and darken and thicken over time - I'm talking months to years, if you want to let it sit that long! The sugars in honey act as a preservative, while the biology present in the honey and on the organic garlic add more preservation as they lightly ferment and acidify. Carbon dioxide is a byproduct of yeast fermentation, which means you will need to 'burp' (or release gases by unscrewing the lid for a second every couple of days) your jar for the first month or so. Apart from this, no other attention is required!

Your simple, achievable recipe is as follows:

- Choose a glass jar with screw-top lid of your preference, and wash it well.

- Collect as many unsprayed/organic garlic cloves as you would like to use or that fit your chosen vessel.

- Obtain a jar of local, raw honey from either a local store or beekeeper. Yes, raw IS important, because heat-treated honey will not contain the live microbes that aid fermentation and health benefits.

- Add cloves to clean jar, pour over honey (slowly melt in jar in pot of warm water if too crystallised to pour), and close lid.

- As I said before, all that's left to do is burp it occasionally! So. Damn. Easy.

Your brew will smell very strong in a few days time, sometimes a bit alcoholic, sometimes garlicky, sometimes more honey-like. It will change and evolve over time and, as the bubbling slowly stops, watch it go darker and richer. To consume, eat garlic cloves or a teaspoon of honey raw for immune support, or add to broth, soup, stir fry sauces or salads. Remember if you heat it, the biology will be lost (but not the flavour!).

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- Katie