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Image by Natalie Rhea Riggs
Vegetable Picking

Podcast Interview

I had heaps of fun hanging out with my mate Jules @julia.hogarth recently for an episode on her beautiful podcast, You School. We chat about the birth of Seedblog, my love of gardening, mental and physical health management and laugh the rest of the time. Listen on Spotify, Apple or click the link below!


eBooks + Mental Health

My amazing mate Tessa, @tessajlloyd of The Art Of Insight, has created many beautiful resources for wellbeing, combining her expertise as an artist and a mental health occupational therapist. I have been lucky enough to share my experiences in three of her creations, how amazing! Find her eBooks for 'Summer' and 'Winter' wellness (and so many great local creators inside), as well as her upcoming Mind Rising course for mental health management, on her website linked below.


Podcast Interview #2

Simple, Earth-minded living is something many people crave and long for, and it's an approach I try to take in everyday life.

Otway-based coach and meditation teacher Luke McLean and I chatted for an hour on this topic in a cosy, mindful interview recently.


IG Live Interview Series

Recently, I had a few questions I was busting to ask some of my favourite local legends and those I look up to. I created a mini series of interviews, which have been recorded on my IGTV channel! We talk all things Earth care, mental health, gardening, indigenous culture and more.