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K.I.S.S. Principle

Facilitated by me, Katie Traill, this 'Gardening 101' course is based on my own environmental knowledge from a combination of short courses and hands-on experience in soil science and edible gardening. Always striving to keep things practical and achievable on a budget, Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS principle) is the theme of my gardening style!


What are you waiting for?

Let's grow together!


What others said about the course...

"It was such a lovely group, everything felt very safe and wonderful. The content was easily digestible, and it was clear you had really thought about the four pillars and what was important to include ... It was just SO great to be able to catch up on the recordings. Thank you for making them available." - J

"I loved the additional resources and the depth of information - there is so much to consider, review and grow upon." - N


Who's this course for?

  • Any person wanting to create a small- or medium-scale edible garden, who are unsure where or how to begin

  • Anyone wanting to enhance or modify their current small- or medium-scale edible garden

  • Any person excited by the idea of homegrown produce, growing flowers for bees, starting a herb garden, growing fruit trees + more!

  • Anyone wanting to grow food + reduce their carbon footprint

  • Those with questions, from pot-laiden balconies to backyard mini market gardens!

  • Anyone wanting to learn something new!

  • Those who learn best through non-traditional methods - ditch the tests and assignments for group discussions, simple note-taking + flexible module access

  • Anyone seeking a self-management tool for mindfulness + mental wellbeing


What's included?

  • Four fun, simple modules online over four weeks (21 July - August 9, 2020), Tuesday evenings

  • 3 x 75min live online modules on fundamental garden information: Edible gardening 101!

  • 1 x 2 hr in-person module + Q&A  where you walk through the design + problem-solving process in a backyard (this is the real gold). Recording also available for those unable to make it. COVID guidelines will be adhered to.

  • Access to recorded video + audio of all modules, plus course slides + additional resources

  • The flexibility of online learning + access to recorded material, email support from your facilitator throughout the course duration, + the community of like-minded motivated participants

  • Optional, simple homework only - no extra study or tests!

  • Motivation and support to just have a crack! This course is all about being open to learning + trying new things, perfection does not exist!


Feedback From Past Workshops...


"Katie was so genuine and the session flowed so well. Left feeling very inspired by her approach to health, thanks Katie!"

A Note On Financial Hardship

If you're experiencing challenges or circumstances that put you or your family under financial stress or hardship and you’re keen to access the course content, please don’t hesitate to contact me at I’m always happy to discuss options should the need exist – growing food at home should be achievable for everyone!


Upcoming Events

  • The Crash Course
    Tue, 21 July
    Zoom Webinar + Site Visit
    21 July 2020, 7:00 pm – 09 Aug 2020, 12:00 pm
    Zoom Webinar + Site Visit
    Online Edible Gardening 101