Guidance, coaching + problem-solving with me,
for your home garden or lifestyle goals.

So you’d like to grow some fresh food, cultivate a little green space, or lower your carbon footprint.. but where and how do you start?

That’s where I come in! Growing veggie crops, perennials and fruit trees is my favourite thing to do. Ever. Have you ever heard the sound a fat carrot makes when it’s pulled from the soil? There’s just nothing like it. With experience and interest in small- and medium-scale edible gardening with organic and permaculture practices at the core, as well as workshop facilitation in fermentation, preserving and zero waste skills, I’d love to be your confident guide and helping hand to turn your ideas into reality.

I offer phone and online consultations for home garden advice and planning, with plenty of support and structure. With a little information from you, and a lot of knowledge and support from me, we can refine your idea to one that feels achievable, fun and practical in no time, working within the daily confines of your own life.

Here are some of the things I can assist with:

  • Guidance and confidence to start or renovate an edible home garden 

  • Key garden design principles, set-up advice, ideas and maintenance tips centred on organic methods and permaculture principles

  • Ongoing garden coaching, tailored to your needs and delicious garden dreams!

  • Essential information for great soil building, seasonal planting, pest and disease management, composting, vermiculture, fruit and vegetable production and more

  • Recommending resources for further self-learning, community connections and growing your skill set

  • Advice and support in transitioning towards a zero waste, low-impact lifestyle in urban and suburban settings

*At this point in time, I am not able to offer hands-on installation or maintenance, or professional scale-drawn garden designs. Additionally, due to COVID-19, I cannot yet offer site visits, however, with a little information from you, this won't be a barrier for us at all!*

Initial consultations are an investment of $85/hr, with follow-up advice and coaching at a reduced rate.

I'd love to be a part of your planning and preparation - send through an enquiry below to chat!



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